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Innovative and Robust Research

The MMRF pioneers progressive, state-of-the-art research in concert with numerous institutions and research facilities. Explore what our powerful collaborations have accomplished so far.


The work done by the MMRF speaks for itself. By operating closely with our researchers, clinicians, and partners in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, the influence of the MMRF was crucial to the development of 6 new treatments for patients with multiple myeloma, which contributed to more than doubling life expectancy from 3 years to 7.

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The MMRC oversees an alliance of 16 research centers across North America, giving them the power to run more successful clinical trials than any single center could do alone.

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Funded Grants

As the leading private funder of multiple myeloma research, the MMRF has supported more than 335 research grants at over 130 institutions worldwide. The MMRF supports innovative research efforts in promising areas of multiple myeloma research through several grant programs.

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For Academic Researchers

MMRF leads the way in multiple myeloma research by providing resources to scientists, research facilities, and institutions. By offering several prestigious, high-value research grants to researchers at all levels, the MMRF is an integral source of funds for the industry.

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For Industry

The MMRF has allied with partners in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to advance the next generation of progressive treatments.

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The MMRF is proud to have developed the CoMMpass Study. This landmark, long-term study is founded on the principle that personalized medicine is the basis for advanced treatment for multiple myeloma and other disease types, and can ultimately lead to a cure.

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Genomics Initiative

The MMRF launched the Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative (MMGI) in 2005 to accelerate the development of tailored therapies to improve response to therapy and extend survival for patients. The MMGI is the most comprehensive research collaboration ever focused on the genomics of multiple myeloma.

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