For Industry

The MMRF is working closely with partners in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to advance the next generation of treatments. MMRF funding programs such as the MMRF Biotech Investment Awards (BIA) program are solidifying biopharmaceutical commitment to myeloma by providing an upfront investment, when the development of a new treatment is in its earliest stages and most risky. Since the inception of the MMRF BIA program in 2006, $11 million has been committed to 11 biotech companies in multi-year, results-driven funding for the development of innovative treatments for patients with multiple myeloma.

In a continued effort to bring the most promising treatments to patients, faster, the MMRC upholds their mission to champion collaboration with and integration across academia and industry and to focus on speed and innovation. In August 2007, the MMRC launched the MMRC Multiple Myeloma Genomics Portal, the world’s only myeloma-specific repository of genomic data, which provides the scientific community with open access to high-resolution genomic data from the MMRC Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative prior to publication and in near real-time.